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Aerial videography

Aerial videos are an excellent way to showcase property, leisure resorts  and other businesses  in a fantastic three dimensional way.  Use drone video to gain a birds eye view of your property, hotel, golf course or holiday park plus use the drone to get great panning and sweeping shots closer to the ground. 

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Aerial Videos - The Whoosh Showreel

Check out the latest Showreel from Whoosh Creative, with drone video shot in various locations across the UK and France, including Cornwall, Wales, the Charente and Brittany. 

Hengar Manor Holiday Park

Shot in early September, Hengar Manor in north Cornwall made a great subject for this aerial video. This lovely holiday park is centered around the old manor house and features an 8-hole golf course and three fishing lakes.  Combine that with a range of accommodation, it provides a great backdrop for some cinematic drone videography in Cornwall!

Ashbourne Heights

Ashbourne Heights holiday park is set in a fantastic location for drone filming - the heart of the Peak District.  The brief here was to show the relaxing nature of the park, situated in a great setting.  Plus show off the range of accommodation available at this great site. 

Seaview Holiday Park

The new 'Ultimate Bungalow' at Seaview Holiday Park, Cornwall. Shot with DJI Phantom, DJI Oslo...and a Nikon!  The drone captures aerial footage of the holiday park as well as close up shots of the balcony and stunning view across to the sea. 

Aberystwyth by drone

Shooting aerial video in Wales was a joy, with the beautiful open landscapes and spectacular beaches. Using the DJI Phantom which shoots in 4K shows the landscape off perfectly.  

Domaine de Grand Lopin

This drone aerial video was shot in the Charente area of France, a beautiful region known for famous vineyards making pineau and cognac.  Domaine du Grand Lopin used this video across their social media sites to highlight their vines and show the house, which is featured on the cognac bottle labels.

Gites du Foye

Using a drone for aerial photography doesn't just mean shooting from great heights. This shoot for France for Families shows how the drone can be used for more interesting effect, from close up to distance shots.  This was shot with the DJI Phantom 4, plus an iPhone 6!

Drone Blender

Whoosh Creative Drone Pilots are fully qualified with permission to fly by the Civil Aviation Association.  We have to ensure that our flights are both legal and safe. With multiple spinning rotors and speeds in excess of 30 mph drones  are essentially flying food blenders. In the wrong hands they have the potential to cause serious damage or injury.   See video for details!

Music video 'Christmas wish'

Whoosh was pleased to venture into a new direction to produce a charity music video for a new Christmas single released in December 2018. 'A Christmas Wish' by Indigo Franklyn is available on all major download and streaming websites, with all proceeds going to homeless charities. Read more about this venture on our blog. 

The French Alps

A holiday to the French Alps meant making the most of this spectacular mountain range to take some dramatic aerial photography and drone video.  All helped by a great piece of cinematic music.  Over dramatic - yes - we think so!


Aerial Photography

See the world from a different perspective.

Aerial photography can be used as a stunning way to bring locations and businesses to life in a dramatic way. 

Whoosh Creative are specialists in the  taking and processing of high resolution 4K aerial photography from an unmanned aircraft, or drone.  Image stablisation equipment helps to keep flight images sharp in low light or with fast moving subjects.

Pictures from the air can be taken from an oblique or vertical angle. They can be GPS referenced, taken as a panorama and tiled together if required.

Uses for Aerial Photography 

Drones bring fantastic opportunities to bring previously impossible views and vantage points into easy reach. 

In the travel and leisure market aerial photography can have many different uses. From the very start of a development project marketing teams  can demonstrate the latest progress on projects with a bird’s eye view, bringing products and pitches to life like never before.  

Using the latest technology provided by Whoosh Creative, we can provide superb quality images and footage for your projects, brochures and websites. 

Whoosh can guarantee to bring you a superior quality shot, no matter what your project entails.

We are fully licensed and CAA approved drone camera operators, providing Ultra High Definition, 4k video and still photography for a both commercial and individual projects.



Costs depend on aircraft type, flying time, air traffic control and post-production work. In general, the more sites that can be included on a particular flight, the lower the cost per site. Please use the contact page if you would like to discuss anything or get a quote.

Why Drone Aerial Photography?

  • Cost-effective – no need to rely on a helicopter or manned aircraft to capture striking aerial shot
  • Advanced technology – allowing for a supremely high-quality shot
  • Time-saving – we can be set up and ready to go in thirty minutes
  • Safer operations – a drone can reach spots that a human would have difficulty navigating
  • Aerial and ground 4K high resolution photography

Uses may include:

  • Photographing commercial and residential properties
  • Construction & development projects
  • PR and marketing imagery

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